Meet Tom



Tom was born and raised in Eastern Oklahoma and is committed to this state and our values.   Tom learned the importance of a good education and the value of team work. Tom attended both the United States Air Force Academy and Oklahoma State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.  Tom proudly served in the United States Air Force on both active duty and in the reserve.

Throughout his career, Tom has made it his mission to innovate and solve problems creatively.   As an engineer Tom has worked at the Kohler Company, the Ben Hogan Company and Head Sports. In 1993 Tom founded Impact Technologies and for the next number of years became a leader in contract consulting, design and manufacturing of sporting goods.   In 2001, Tom sold his design firm to Nike Sports and upon completion of the sale, Tom became the Director of Research and Product Development for Nike where he crafted and innovated products for premier athletes worldwide. In 2013 Tom retired early from Nike to care for his aging father in immediately set up his consulting business in Sequoyah County.  Tom has used his expertise in engineering and business to give back to his field and several communities. Tom has served as a guest lecture and teacher at Texas Christian University and the University of Texas. For several years now Tom has served as a Trustee for Carl Albert State College and also sponsors several scholarships for CASC students. Tom has served as a director for the Ben Hogan foundation, as a technical advisor for Golf Digest Magazine and as an advisor to the Ben Hogan Museum in Dublin Texas.  Tom has also served locally on the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce and for several years as a board member of the Improvement Committee to stimulate business growth. Tom and his wife Nan (a retired career teacher) are very active in numerous Sequoyah County community and civic programs. Nan is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and works actively as a CASA volunteer. Tom, Nan and family are active members of the Immanuel Baptist Church in Sallisaw.

From his home and small cattle ranch in rural Sequoyah County Tom continues to work as a special consultant to the sporting goods industry.  In early 2017 Tom (always ready for a challenge) became the Vice President of Engineering for a multi-state oil and gas services company headquartered in Fort Smith.

Tom and Nan have four children and five grandchildren.