SEQUOYAH COUNTY FIRST – Tom will put the interests of Sequoyah County first at the state capitol!  He will never put the interest of any political party, lobbyists, or special interest groups ahead of the citizens at home.  

JOB CREATION – Working with our county, city leaders, state agencies and businesses nationwide, Tom will work to help create local jobs.  Having worked for some of this nation’s largest companies and starting and growing his own successful business, Tom knows what it takes.

EDUCATION – We must develop long-term solutions to appropriately fund education and vocational training in Oklahoma to compete worldwide.  We need to change our goals from being “okay with average” to wanting to EXCEL! Being in the bottom range of the 50 states should never be acceptable. Tom is a passionate champion of public education and will fight with any and all means to support our kids, our teachers and our schools.

STATE SERVICES – Cuts to core services have hurt our state.  Over the last several years we’ve neglected funding in public safety, education, rural hospitals, driver’s license offices, roads and bridges, child abuse investigations, adult protective services, county health departments, state parks and historical sites, and senior citizen programs.  It’s a very long list of cuts and damage to our state. Cutting waste is great but cutting much needed services to balance our budgets isn’t the answer. We must find a balance plan of repeatable revenue and spending that will allow us to build back our basic state services.

TAXES – Too many tax breaks have been given to industries, corporations, and the mega-wealthy and corporations, putting more of a burden on regular people like you and me.  Tom will fight for a fair and balanced system of taxation and oppose incentives designed to only benefit the super-rich, companies or industries that don’t generate a positive return for the state.

VETERANS- Tom is a Veteran and is passionate about supporting Veterans and their families.  Tom will pursue more resources for Veteran health care and Veteran mental health services.  Tom will also work with local businesses, state groups and Veteran enterprises to help Veterans find more and better employment options. Tom is already researching and working with Veteran groups to find ways Veterans can start and maintain their own businesses.  


PRO 2ND AMENDMENT - Tom is a strong supporter of our individual right to bear arms, whether it be for self-defense, sport shooting or hunting.  Tom is a long time member of the NRA and has his “conceal and carry permit.” Tom is an accomplished competitive shooter and a graduate of two different long range sniper schools.  Tom believes strongly in being a responsible gun owner and works to teach safe gunmanship to our youth.

PRO-LIFE - Tom, as part of his Christian belief, does not personally support abortion.